About us, courses and prices briefly


My name is Raita Hurme, I´m the teacher and the owner of Autokoulu Raita. I´m a mother of 3 children. I have 4 professional degrees of teaching (driving instructor). I want to serve customers in the towns and villages nearby and also be there for people who wants to learn in English, Italian, Spanish or French... and for the people with special needs. Me, as a teacher I´ll do my best to get you the license to drive! :) 

Autokoulu Raita is located near Turku, only about 30 minutes drive from Turku center. You can take bus number 403 from Turku to get to Aura. Theory lessons are here in Aura, but you also have a posson internet, without getting here personally.

Driving lessons can start for example from Turku, Marttila, Kyrö or wherever you live near by... (30 km...), or it´s possible to pick you up at school, home etc... Theory- and driving exams you can do in Turku, Loimaa or Salo.



Next courses: call and ask 0406745676of January at 5 p.m. riskcontrol-course



Package 1 for license B 

= 1150€

extra fees: slippery road and driving in dark simulator 60€ Each.   Theoryexam  and permission for license 37€ Each, drivingtest 93€

 Including 10 hours of driving ( 50 min each), 4 theorylessons (45 min each) and riskcontrol-course (8 hours).

Package 2 for license B

= 1280€

Including 13 hours of driving ( 50 min each) and 4 theory-lessons (45 min each) and riskcontrol 

With16 h of driving = 1390€. 

+ extra fees: slippery road and driving in dark simulator 60€ Each.   Theoryexam  and permission for license 37€, each, drivingtest 93€

Licence to drive a scooter, moped AM120, with 2 drivinglessons = 290€. Extra fees: permission 37€, theorytest 37€ and drivingtest 30€. 

 (+ extra fees: exams and permission 40 €.)  Or you can choose just theorylessons 4 h for 130 euros. 


  • If you wish, part payment is possible, without extra fees. 
  • driving lesson 80€
  • car-rent 130€ (includes 1 drivinglesson)
  • lesson for driving in the dark with simulator60€
  • Just give me a call or send an e-mail if you want more information or have any questions. E-mail: autokouluraita@icloud.com. Tel. 040-6745676. -Raita-
  • If you have to do your driving exam 2nd time, driving lessons and car-rent won't be charged. If you need more lessons and exams, the prices you get from the list above.